I was born in Denver, Colorado; however, my childhood and adolescence unfolded in Bogotá, a city that left a strong mark on my foundation. My academic journey led me to graduate from LaSalle College, where I studied graphic design, with an emphasis on photography. My focus shifted towards photography and cinema, which prompted me to delve into crucial aspects of these disciplines, such as composition, lighting, history, fashion, and visual culture.

Among my favorite directors are geniuses like Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Almodóvar, Alfonso Cuarón, and Yorgos Lanthimos, who have deeply influenced my artistic vision. When exploring the world of photography, I have found inspiration on masters like Gregory Crewdson, Helmut Newton, Steven Klein, Jeff Wall, and Ruven Afanador. Each of them has contributed to my understanding of visual aesthetics and has influenced my approach.

My background in graphic design has equipped me with fundamental knowledge. The study of color, composition, form, balance, contrast, and hierarchy has allowed me not only to comprehend visual complexities but also to apply these principles effectively in my work. My experience at LaSalle College and my admiration for prominent directors and photographers have shaped my creative perspective, turning me into a committed visual storyteller not only concerned with aesthetics but also with the depth and meaning behind the images.